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The most trusted name in your lab’s instrumentation now brings you manual gas-tight syringes

IMI Precision Engineering has over 30 years of engineering experience designing innovative fluidics systems for mass spectrometry and chromatography instruments. Now, we’re taking that expertise and putting it into your hands by offering a complete line of manual gas-tight syringes.

Our syringes have the lowest carryover performance on the market thanks to their unique design and meticulous construction. In fact, IMI Norgren manual gas-tight syringes are proven to have, on average, seven to nine times less detected carryover in FN and RN types as compared to other leading brands, as well as outstanding accuracy performance of ±1%.

Discover what IMI Norgren manual gas-tight syringes have to offer.


Volume Capacities

  • 3000 series
  • Designed for GC and HPLC
  • Available in volumes from 10μL to 500μL
  • Capable of handling corrosive fluids
  • Feature color-coded flange caps for easy identification
  • 3000 series needles
  • 4000 series
  • Designed for the transfer of larger gas or liquid volumes
  • Available in volumes 1mL to 50mL
  • Suitable for instrumentation mounting through 6-32 thread connections on flanged plunger buttons
  • 4000 series needles

Termination Options

termination options

Needle Point Styles

needle point styles
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